Residential – Save with Ameya Solar provider

  • Control energy costs
  • Save money – Solar energy cost less than the energy from DISCOMS
  • Help the environment – Solar creates 91% less CO2 pollution than natural gas and 96% less CO2 than coal
  • Energy independence – Solar provides unlimited, reliable source of energy
5 Easy steps to go solar
  • Solar consultation – We will study to see if solar is right for you and create a free quote based on your energy usage and irradiation at the location
  • Agreement
  • System design – We will visit your home to examine the feasibility and take measurements. Our engineers will design a custom system to meet your energy needs
  • Installation – Most solar installation take one day. Our well trained Team handled every thing.
  • Activation – Once the utility gives approval, you can start generating your own clean, renewable energy

Off-Grid Solar System

  • Solar panels are installed on roof of house/ vehicles/ Cabins where they generate energy from sun
  • The energy flows from the panels to charge controller that regulates the amount of energy accepted into a battery.
  • The battery can directly power devices that use DC power or the power can be converted to AC power for other devices using an inverter.

Off-Grid solar systems provide power to few devices such as lights, TV, refrigerators etc, at remote locations where there is no access to electricity

Grid Tied Solar System

  • Solar equipment is installed on the roof of the home or business
  • The panels generate energy that is fed directly to the DISCOMS/Power company
  • The power company/ DISCOMs credits the home or business owner for the energy on the electricity bill. The power fed back into the grid will make your meter to run backwards.

Grid Tied solar systems reduce your monthly bill from DISCOMs/power company